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Board Members

Matthew JC - Founder

Matthew JC graduated with a business degree in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Connecticut. A career path in corporate retail buying at Caldor and CompUSA started a westward movement to the Dallas area from his Connecticut and Boston start. Always being the independent and visionary, JC moved from the corporate field allowing his energies to focus on creating new innovative strategies emphasizing a fresh market combining music and video production. Thus, Small Guy Music, LLC was founded.

With an over achievers drive within his own business, his new styles of marketing and advertising expanded his out of the box concepts, allowing his business to expand to become, JC Creative Group. This period of growth advanced his position in the marketing/advertising business to achieve three Emmy Awards and ten nominations for accomplishments that supports his creative work ethics in the .

Other notable awards include the ‘FICTS’ Film Festival Top Film Award in Milan, Italy 2007 for the movie, “The Secret Spot’, for Music Supervisor. In addition, being awarded 20 Telly and 2 Pixie Awards in various projects in Advertising, Commercials, Movies and Music Videos.

While not working on JC Creative Group, JC’s passion to entertain is still the driving force behind his mission to perform his rock show for our US Troops. Through the Armed Forces Entertainment, he has completed six world tours performing at military bases in Japan, Korea, Guam, Marshall Islands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Kosovo, Germany, Turkey and Greenland.

His mission runs 7 years deep with a goal of personally handing out to our troops over 100,000 copies of his ‘Operation Rock The Troops’ CD Compilation for ‘free’ by bringing a little piece of home to them directly. This mission continues with just under 20,000 copies already in the hands of our troops to date while additional tours are in the works and a documentary movie will be released in 2013 to feature his last 6 world tours.

Richard “Dickie” Dean – Board

Richard “Dickie” Dean, President and CEO of DDI Financial Services, has an extensive background in the financial services industry. With over 35 years of experience in estate planning and wealth transfer, Mr. Dean offers specialized solutions that provide his clients with a safe passage to long-term financial success, a lasting legacy, and most importantly, peace of mind.

His proven track record has earned Mr. Dean a lifetime membership and “Top of the Table” status in the “Million Dollar Round Table” (MDRT), an international association of the world’s leading insurance and financial services professionals comprised of nearly 36,000 members from more than 430 companies in 78 countries. Members of this century-old organization demonstrate exemplary professional knowledge, the highest ethical standards and exceptional client service. Dean’s stellar reputation and past performance has also secured his admittance into Ed Slott’s “Master Elite IRA Advisor Group,” an exclusive community of the industry’s highest level producers that have been in business for 20+ years, with an average of 230 clients and nearly $50,000,000 in assets under management. As a member of this consortium, Mr. Dean stays well-informed on all changes to tax law – updates that can critically affect your retirement decisions.

Dallas professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as retirees all over the Midwest look to Dickie Dean for sound, conservative guidance when planning for their retirement and to facilitate their wealth transfer needs. With more than three decades of experience, he can assist you in growing your retirement dollars, ensuring that you’ll have an ample amount of “gold” to enjoy your “Golden Years.”

Smith Walker – Board

Smith Walker believes in Wichita Falls. “It’s hard to tell people what I do for a living. I am basically an investor in ideas, dreams, and business.” He is a born entrepreneur, visionary, and man of his word.

As president of Wichita Investments, he’s a man on the go. He oversees more than 25 commercial property buildings. Before that, he was a carpenter, dress shop owner, and his first job was a janitor. For 28 years, he owned Century Tent and Awning, a business that supplies awnings and tents for weddings, businesses, and special events like the Relay for Life. Walker owns several billboards in town and smaller business ventures he shares with like-minded entrepreneurs.
“Mr. Downtown”, Walker is most known for his historic downtown properties. However his holdings are located throughout the entire city. Reaching all demographics. Walker purchased his first building 30 years ago on Kemp while he was attending Midwestern State University. He lived there, until he graduated, and then turned the structure into a dress shop- Cactus Flower. From this venture, other local businesses were born including the Shoe Closet, etc.

After Century Plaza was built, he moved his small business there and turned his old home into a rental property. “I liked being in the rent property”, he said. “I got a check for $500 every month. So I thought, shoot this is a pretty good deal.’ So I bought another one and another one.
He decided he like commercial properties better than residential early in the game. “On the first of the month, I would get checks from my commercial guys and phone calls from my residential guys.” He joked. Relators like Doc Anderson and Nathan Brown helped him learn the business. “They were really good to me. They mentored me, and I’ve really been blessed in that end of it.” Walker now mentors others as they are starting into business.

Walker was born in Ft. Eustis, Virginia while his dad was stationed there for the army. But by 6 weeks of age he was here in Wichita Falls with his dad Hershel and his mom Pat. He attended Jefferson Elementary, Barwise Junior High, Rider High School, and graduated in 1977 from MSU with a business major and a minor in economics.He is also a member of the Kappa Alpha order.

Walker’s interest in real estate came indirectly from his family. “I had construction in my blood,” he said. His father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all in construction. His dad Hershel is well known around town and still has 25 rental properties at the spunky age of 82.
In high school, Walker got a job with his art teacher, Harold Bonham to build a house from the ground up. “In college I did a lot of work with several carpenters that included remodeling the “Gatsby” (a club that was formerly Week’s mansion).

By Walker’s sophomore year at MSU he knew enough about carpentry and painting to venture out on his own. After the 1979 tornado, he got to do a great deal of remodeling work that included rebuilding several houses.

By 1980, he started buying and fixing up buildings by himself. “That’s kind of why I got into the realty business, “he said. I brought stuff that needed work because I knew I could do it all. I could tear down a bunch of walls, pour a parking lot, run new water and sewer lines and gas lines and then I would have a little business spot. Today, the business is thriving and demands so much of his time that he happily hires out the carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. He also works with his tenants at the First National building, shows properties to prospective tenants and looks to acquire new buildings.
He loves being a dad to his 3 grown children and a grandfather to 2 smart little boys. Smith Walker is described as edgy and is well known around Wichita Falls. He loves to travel, ride his Harley, paint, and connect with friends. His mission in life is to help people break free from their limited beliefs.

He is a good steward of downtown and inspires others to make a difference. Uplifting and encouraging… always a smile on his face and a song in his heart! His favorite verse is: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; In all ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5,6)

James Hallam – Board

BIO: Coming Soon